Shamshad offers help with IBS

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Do you suffer in silence with IBS?

Its not something you can talk about in a social conversation with friends. You can't tell people the shame and anxiety it brings. You may feel your doctor doesn't take your symptoms seriously but offers you yet another drug to try.

Do you feel lost?

After lots of tests, more medication, and avoiding foods your IBS is getting worse.

I became interested in IBS when a member of my family started experiencing debilitating symptoms which prevented them from dining out socially with friends, impacted on their performance at work, increasingly stressed and scared to go out.

It became my mission to try and help them to get to the bottom of this illness and give them back their freedom to live life again.

My journey led me to qualifying from Kings College London as a FODMAP Specialist Dietitian.

I aim to support you with reliable information and simple advice to make the changes, to break free from being a prisoner to your IBS

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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain

Consultations can be provided by video zoom call or in clinic.

Video calls offer flexibility from the comfort of your own home or office at a time convenient to you.

A full detailed plan is e mailed to you after the video call.


"I was recommended to see Shamshad by my GP. I have struggled with severe pain, bloating and constipation for over 15 years and nothing was working. Shamshad was brilliant and offered me step by step advice. I am feeling the benefits already. I am going to the toilet regularly and the bloated feeling is a lot better. The FODMAP diet has worked really well for me and I now feel I have my life back. I would highly recommend Shamshad.". Ms M.C.