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I've experienced the busy long working hours, the stress of a caring profession, and the increasing demands of the work environment together with balancing family commitments

So, I knew I could use all the lessons I’d learnt, as well as my scientific background in dietetics, to create a programme to improve people’s wellbeing.

For years, I’d listened to and observed so many people around me who were on the hamster-wheel of life. Feeling stuck, struggling with weight and fitness, unable to sleep well, suffering fatigue, lack of energy and facing burn-out.

But going around in the same old circles

I realised how important it is to consciously create routines and habits into your day to support your wellbeing to manage the challenges of today’s fast paced competitive work environment.

On my journey I discovered you can’t underestimate how your daily pressures and long-term stress have an effect on the quality of your sleep, the foods you choose to eat, how energised you feel and manage the stories you tell yourself.

So, I created the Vitality System. It’s made up of 4 steps – which make it easy to say YES to a healthier you. It offers simple practical tips and tools to give you a happier, healthier workforce with increased productivity and decreased absenteeism

I also specialise in advising on how to manage IBS at work

Do you manage someone with IBS and want to know how you can help them to overcome obstacles when managing their symptoms at work?

Would you like to support and motivate your staff to increase performance without sacrificing their wellbeing ?

I can be booked as a speaker at training events, lunch and learn sessions, or workshops.

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Shamshad is a an expert Dietitian and Wellbeing Consultant with over 25 years NHS experience.

Experienced TV and Radio presenter.


"Shamshad is a great speaker, authoritative, warm and wholly engaging. We recommend her as an expert in her field and look forward to hearing her speak again in the near future". Mr C.W.

"Shamshad is co presenter of a marvellous radio show on Spice FM 'Health Matters' which informs listeners on a wide range of health issues. Shamshad's experience from working in the NHS for many years as well as her bright, friendly and relatable personality makes her a great choice for this topic. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone who wants to have some support in taking back control of their eating habits and improving their health". Ms L.C